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TextMaster Data Editor 3.0 is now available!

TextMaster is an extremely powerful and unique flat file editor. It allows you to very quickly and easily query your fixed/delimited files, as if they were an SQL database. This means that you can SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE, records from your data file without having to import it into a relational database.
If you're not an SQL master, don't worry, we have many easy examples, and a wizard, to walk you through the query building process.

Besides the usual SQL operations, you can perform other functions that are text file specific, such as splits or joins, removal of duplicate records, editing of columns, transforming multi-line text into a single line etc.

With TextMaster you can automate data modification processes via sophisticated multi-step query batches, or define templates so that new data files can be processed with only a couple of clicks!

TextMaster Data Editor is the ideal tool for individuals dealing with marketing data, mailing lists, firewall logs, customer/voter lists etc.Do not split your files to fit into another application - USE THEM.


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